The language of the city

#soSofia is an independent and open platform for conversations dedicated to the city. We strive to welcome Sofia’s guests with convenient and useful content and carefully selected recommendations for the most typical and interesting places and things to see and try. The project takes a physical dimension in the shape of souvenirs inspired by the real graphic language of Sofia and its many faces.

The team behind #soSofia is interested in communication and design. We are united by our love for the city, its colourful appearances, residents and the increasing number of visitors from all over the world. Join the conversation and share what is #soSofia for you at or by using the #soSofia hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


*”Здравей” /zdravˈej/ means “Hello” in Bulgarian. 



Our thematic #soSofia routes are a subjective selection of city spots that are important and vital for its urban life. We’ve got it all whether you want to experience the city’s art scene, design hotspots, architectural highlights, leisure offerings, historical points of interest or savour the really great places for food and drinks in Sofia. Without going into too much detail, here are the places we recommend, the places where we’d take a friend and the ones that represent the many faces of the city.


Every city speaks its own language. To distinguish the language of Sofia we explored the letters on its streets. We shot hundreds of inscriptions and signs which we walk past every day - some were new, some very old, some were preserved, other were not. We digitised some of the #soSofia Cyrillic letters you can see on the streets of the city today and created a font - the living typography of Sofia. A never ending process we will continue to develop.

Here you will find #soSofia topics, routes and souvenirs inspired by the language of the city. Our souvenirs will feature various signs and different combinations of letters spelling Sofia, as chosen by a poll from the visitors at during the first ten days after the launch of the project. On all the series of merchandise, you’ll see a variety of details and letters — alive, colourful and ever-changing like the city itself.