and welcome to Sofia!

Photo by  D  eensel , licensed under  CC BY 2.0

Photo by Deensel, licensed under CC BY 2.0


Here you can find some useful recommendations what to See & Do while in Sofia and get to know some personal stories about the most typical #soSofia symbols.

We strive to welcome Sofia’s guests with carefully selected recommendations for the most typical and interesting places and things to see and try. Our thematic #soSofia routes are a subjective selection of spots from the city’s art scene, design hotspots, local fashion, architectural highlights, leisure offerings, historical points of interest connected with socialism and religion, parks, co-working spaces, really great places to enjoy music, coffee, food and drinks, means of transportation, or guided tours, if you decide to not make it on your own.

During your stay, we encourage you to join the conversation and share what is #soSofia to you by using the #soSofia hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

#soSofia is an independent and open platform for conversations dedicated to the city. It transforms its most typicals symbols and perspectives in the form of souvenirs, inspired by the living visual language of Sofia’s streets and its controversial faces. If you'd like to take a piece of Sofia with our souvenirs home, you can find us here.





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