Nightlife and Sofia? We’ve got you covered.



Conveniently located next to the main restaurant, Raketa Rakia Bar’s cocktail offshoot Sputnik has an excellent Eastern European interior courtesy of local architecture studio Funkt. The bar has an unusual point of view when it comes to otherwise well-known cocktails like Socialist on the Beach (a twist on the good old Sex on the Beach) but they also serve good coffee during the day. The only dilemma is whether to visit it before or after Raketa Rakia Bar.

#soSofia tip: Try their Rakia Sour, we've got fairytales dedicated to the drink.

17, Yanko Sakazov Blvd. — Mon-Sun 10:00-1:30


One More Bar

Another bar on the popular Tzar Ivan Shishman Street where to unwind after work. You'll recognise it by the lush garden behind the high fence covered in creeping greens, and the old family house dating back to the 1930s. One More Bar greets us with authentic old furniture, sleek, wooden bars and wooden chairs which manage to keep us coming back thanks to the light funk and jazz soundtrack, excellent drinks, its good selection of wines and cocktails.

#soSofia tip: Try their Bloody Mary served in a lowball glass.

12, Tsar Ivan Shishman Str. — Mon-Sun 10:00-1:30



A spot with an excellent interior and a very good selection of quality craft beers from around the world. If you are a beer geek, that's the right place for you. Its bright and cosy with a relaxed vibe and good music, which makes it also a perfect afterwork bar. There’s also a little outdoor garden which adds even more charm to the picture. You can catch interesting events and djs during the weekends at this very cosy, very at-home feeling place.

#soSofia tip: Ask the staff, they're always happy to help depending on your taste.

2, Madrid Blvd. — Mon-Sun 17:30 - 02:00



Back in the days Hambara used to be a secret printing house and managed to keep its authentic look even today. There is no electricity whatsoever, only melted candles to light your way. Music ranges from jazz to tango, but it’s always a discrete melody in the background - the main noise comes from the stories told by everyone around. Regulars (as told by the urban legend)  even get a key to the place - it doesn't get more romantic that, yes?!

#soSofia tip: To find Hambara you’ll need a local to show you the way through.

22, 6-ti septemvri Str. — Mon-Sun 21:00-03:00


Sense Rooftop Bar

A really unique 5-star holel bar with a stunning panorama of Vitosha mountain, the national assembly, Alexander Nevsky cathedral, the beautiful buildings of Italian and Austrian embassies and the yellow brick road. The huge terrace and the indoor saloon are separated with big moving windows. The world class interior and the reasonable (for such an establishment) prices (read double than normal bars) attract a 50/50 audience of locals and foreign guests.

#soSofia tip: If you're up for a stunning views of Sofia, Sense Rooftop is the place.

16, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. — Mon-Sun 10:00-02:00


The Cocktail Bar

The name alone is clear enough to give you a good idea what to expect from this bar in an old oval pavilion (which used to be a dry cleaner) with heavy wrought iron tables and chairs made of wrought iron. The friendly bartenders painstakingly make every single cocktail just as it should be. We’ll just add that it’s located in one of the oldest and most emblematic tiny squares in Sofia near the National Theatre and Vitosha Boulevard.

#soSofia tip: Sample text

9A, Angel Kunchev Str. — Mon-Sun 09:00-02:00



One of the trendiest bars downtown 5L is a modern Speakeasy. They have a secret door and they serve great drinks, derived from the passion for mixology. Here you can taste a really unique cocktails with rakia (the famous local brandy made from grapes and plums).

#soSofia tip: You'll need somebody local to show you the place and a password to get in, but we are more than sure, you'll manage it. 

15, Tsar Shishman Str. — Mon-Sun 16:00 - 02:00


V Bar

A modern bar & dinner with the essentials for a late bite and good cocktails and wines. They have a nice garden near the noisiest street in town - Ivan Shishman.

#soSofia tip: Although it looks like a real fancy bar, they can surprise you with a really tasty fish soup. 

13, General Parensov Str. — Mon-Sun 09:00 - 00:30


Flip Flop

The local's favorite bar on the beautiful Oborishte Street. It's a place for friends and companies with a positive vibe where you can listen to some up-and-coming local DJs and music selectors event during the day.  

#soSofia tip: Check their Facebook page to pick a guest DJ who will suit you music and go to have some shots.

61, Oborishte Str. — Mon-Sun 10:00 - 01:30



Set in the heart of Sofia city, PUBLIC holds a nice balcony and elegant and refined design. They events agenda is focused on cocktails and music. DJs on Friday and Saturday.

#soSofia tip: A good choice if you fancy some cocktais.

01, Angel Kunchev Str. — Mon-Sun 17:00 - 02:00



Himalayan tea, bulgarian craft beer and homemade cakes are just a couple of reasons to drop by The Apartment. You have to ring the buzzer downstairs in order to get in and then go up the stairs of the residence building, just like you’re visiting a friend. The setting is equally cosy - high ceilings, low furniture and even some board games. Perfect for afternoon tea with friends or lazing about among its artistic regulars and many foreigners that somehow make their way there.

#soSofia tip: If feels like home. A nice place to crash with your laptop if you need some privacy in the city center.

68, Neofit Rilski Str. — Mon-Sun 10:00 - 01:45



Conveniently hidden in a central arcade, Atelieto (The Studio) is an artistic, wooden bar with whitewashed walls and a small selection of Italian coffee, Indian tea and quality alcohol (good Irish and Scotch whiskey, rum, white and yellow tequila, Czech absinthe, Russian vodka and several beers, including Bulgarian White Stork ale), which has a secret ambition to become a small art scene with all kinds of intimate gigs, dj parties, exhibitions and everything you can fit in the concept of the owner who unsurprisingly is also an artist. The studio is located in an administrative building, which saves the night from annoyed neighbours and police patrols.

#soSofia tip: If you look for an artsy spot and unexpected program, take a look at their agenda. 

50 Tsar Samuil Str. — Mon-Sun 18:00 - 02:00