focuses on gastronomy & aims at giving you a wide range of choices, hidden local gems or well known spots.

Fabrika Daga

A nice place for delicious on-the-go breakfast, lunch or weekend brunch. The daily menu offers a hefty selection of fresh salads and sandwiches, along with variable lunch dishes. Our favourites are the beef tongue tortilla and the chicken massala focaccia. All juices, lemonades and desserts are homemade! Don’t forget to ask for a coffee after your meal - the baristas would be happy to offer you the perfectly crafted drink for your taste.

#soSofia tip: You need to have a breakfast at Daga. Mekitsi is a must, it comes with typical Bulgarian white cheese and jam. You will fall in love.

10, Veslets Str. — Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00 \ Sat 09:00-21:00 \ Sun 09:00-20:00
13B, Sheynovo Str. — Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00 \ Sat 09:00-21:00 \ Sun 09:00-20:00


Rakia Bar Raketa

If you come from an ex-communist/socialist country, you will love this place! Otherwise you’ll still love it, you just might need some extra explanation of the interior with portraits of former dictators and toys from our Soviet-influenced childhood. The food is simple, traditional and absolutely delicious. On top of that, there is a vast selection of more than 500 different local and Balkan rakias to chose from.

#soSofia tip: Make sure you try the meatballs, Snejanka salad and the pickled ribs.

17, Yanko Sakazov Blvd. — Mon-Sun 11:00 - 00:00


It’s among the most ambitious restaurants in Sofia that offers an interesting gourmet interpretation of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine in a premium and a bit of a pretentious setting. You will be welcomed at a bar, serving excellent cocktails and top level food that is worth the experience, no matter whether you’ll like the shiny interior and the peculiar music.

#soSofia tip: Yes, it's a restaurant, but you better not miss the cocktails.

19, Lavele Str. — Mon-Sun 11:00 - 01:00



If you prefer wine, here is a place with an excellent wine list and limited choice of suitable appetizers and dishes that will make the drinks taste even better.

#soSofia tip: Ask the staff about Bulgarian wines and prepare to take some notes.

53, Tsar Asen Str. — Mon-Sun 10:00-00:00



Тhe wine restaurant Atelier looks like a meeting point for the artists of old Sofia, but if we imagine they lived in Paris - perhaps because of the pictures of Bulgarian artists and their paintings, the sounds of jazz that come almost constantly, and the artistic but at the same time cozy atmosphere. The menu offers specialties of various nationalities at the same good level, and the wine list deserves some more attention.

#soSofia tip: Take a look at all art pieces inside - they are part of the personal collection of the artistic family of the owners - the Bulgarian jazz and soul diva Beloslava and the sculptor Evgeni Jonov - Slona. 

16, Prof. Asen Zlatarov Str. — Mon-Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen is the little brother of Spaghetti Company and Motto - a popular chain of Italian restaurants around town. It offers a mix of Italian cuisine and American grill. The place is spacious, yet almost always full, nicely designed with a generous garden in the back yard. We recommend any of the salads (really), grilled meat or fish (rather than pasta) and a local wine.

#soSofia tip: It is a safe choice for a big group with different taste in food.

9, 6-ti septemvri Str. — Mon-Sun 09:30-01:00

3, Sveta Nedelia Square — Mon-Sun 00:00-00:00


Pod Lipite

The restaurant has its origins in the distant year of 1926, when it was just a local pub having Elin Pelin, one of the most renowned Bulgarian writers, as a regular customer. This might give some explanation why Pod Lipite is named after one of his most romantic works. The enormous menu is very traditional and includes a variety of home produced cheeses, dry meats and dips. Basically, here is where a Bulgarian takes every single foreigner that comes to visit. The interior is authentic, the music – Bulgarian folk, performed live, and if you’re lucky you might even witness a horo between the tables – a traditional Bulgarian group dance.

#soSofia tip: Ask the waiters for the really traditional dishes.

1, Elin Pelin Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00 - 01:00



You don’t need an exact address to go to Contessa - every single cab driver in town knows how to get there. The wooden house has been opened 24/7 for years and has one of the best tripe soups around - an emblematic dish for the early hours after a night-out, served with lots of vinegar and garlic to ward of any hangover. Contessa is an urban legend in the best sense of the word, building its reputation from mouth to mouth and satisfying the early morning hunger of its many customers. The only thing is to remember its name and hop on a cab.

#soSofia tip: Here you can witness how really diverse Bulgarian people are.

Sveti Nikola Park (corner of Pirotska Str. and Opulchenska Str.) — Mon-Sun 00:00 - 00:00



You can tell Annette is an authentic Moroccan restaurant by the number of Moroccans eating there at any given time and the laidback, absolutely no-rush waiting staff. It’s a good option for both dinner or lunch thanks to menu bestsellers like matbucha, tabbouleh, hummus with pita bread, falafel with green salad and beef meatballs, or you can rather go for breakfast and enjoy original green tea and traditional middle eastern pastries.

#soSofia tip: Annette also has one of the city’s best inner gardens - the perfect place to chill and cool off during the hot summer days.

27, Angel Kanchev Str. — Mon-Sun 11:00 - 23:30

Made in Blue/Home

Two of the homey, snug places with a charmingly eclectic interior and dishes made from scratch. The furniture is sure to grab your attention with wooden doors for tables (careful with your wine glass!), authentic old-time envelopes and letters, newspapers glued to the ceiling, etc. We love the homemade meatballs, the diverse and delicious salads and whole grain sandwiches, omelettes, potato dishes and homemade bread. The other great menu staples are the traditional Bulgarian tomato salza called ‘liutenitsa’ and the hummus. Finish with a homemade dessert and bio coffee with spelt to top everything off. Both places are popular so calling ahead to book, especially for dinner, is not a bad idea.

#soSofia tip: Bear in mind to have cash, ‘cause they do not accept cards.

30A, Angel Kanchev Str. — Mon-Sun 11:00 - 22:30

6, Yuri Venelin Str. — Mon-Sun 11:30 - 22:30

Sofiiska Banitsa

Aaah, banitsa. Where do we start? You can easily say there’s hardly a living Bulgarian who doesn’t like banitsa. As a matter of fact, we haven’t heard of a foreigner who didn’t fall in love with it either. Taste, shape and ingredients may vary, but at the end of the day, the classic white cheese one is still the King. Go get it at Sofiiska banitsa and don’t forget to buy an airan as well – the salty yogurt drink, which makes the perfect match. If you’re in for a challenge, we dare you to try boza as well – a popular fermented drink.

#soSofia tip: Banitsa is the #soSofia start of the day.

7 A, Graf Ignatiev Str. — Mon-Fri 07:00-20:00\Sat-Sun 08:00-15:00

Boom Burgers

Boom! Burgers was probably one of the first classic burger joints in town, and it remains to be the best one even today. You get the whole package – fantastic burgers, homemade fries, variety of milkshakes, a good choice of burger-friendly foreign beers and some salads for the discerning. The space is small and cosy with its open kitchen and easy-going atmosphere. Frequent it on Thursday for a special new one-off burger every week. Recently Boom! оpened a second place on the “yellow bricks” of Sofia, which offers some quality cocktail in addition to the burgers.

#soSofia tip: On certain days of the month Boom Burgers serve special thematic burgers - just ask your waiter. If it's a regular day, no worries, it's all delicious.

15, Karnigradska Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
12, Tsar Osvoboditel Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00


Skara Bar

Let’s start by saying skara means barbeque. You get the rest – a simple and specific menu with a variety of grilled meats, vegetables and the occasional fish. Accompanied by the obligatory french fries topped with white cheese and arguably one of the best shkembe chorba (tripe soup) in town. Try all with a local beer, wine or a homemade lemonade.

#soSofia tip: If you want to try something typical Bulgarian, try the "kebapche" - it's almost the same as a meatball but has another form and some extra herbs in it.

12, Benkovski Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00 – 00:00


The Happy Pig

The Happy Pig by well renowned chef Jun Yoshida is a trendy fusion place. The interior gives away no fancy atmosphere whatsoever, but the menu is a pleasant trip through Asian and European cuisine, with a slight twist of the hottest culinary trends. Besides the original creative touch of the chef, this restaurant offers an enviable list of craft cocktails. Ask your waiter for something special for your meal, they will love to surprise you.

#soSofia tip: Make sure to check the The Happy Pig's Facebook page for any special events coming up, dedicated to themaic cuisine.  

117, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. — Mon-Sun 10:00 - 00:30


33 Gastronauts

A nice and cosy Mediterranean restaurant with unpretentious atmosphere in one of the most pleasant neighbourhoods in the city center. 

#soSofia tip: You can really feel the spirit of one of Sofia's aristocratic neighbourhoods if you choose to dine at the tables at the sidewalk.

14, Prof. Asen Zlatarov Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00 - 23:00



Pastorant might be the best Italian restaurant in town with a heavy crush on pasta. The waiters will welcome you with water and delicious breads and cheese while you choose what to order. The menu is short, but well-thought, pasta is obviously amazing and the wine list is a perfect match. Pastorant is a small and really cosy place with a fantastic garden in a tiny yard across the street.

#soSofia tip: The simplest Aglio e Olio is simply the best.

16 Tsar Asen Str. — Mon-Sun 10:30 - 22:30

Sun Moon 1.jpg

Sun and Moon

“I am vegan” is a kindly welcomed statement in Sun and Moon. Without any unnecessary pretension in the atmosphere and the menu, the restaurant pleasantly surprises with a diversity of freshly prepared Arabian, Indian, Asian, Moroccan, North American and, of course, traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Every day in the bakery, you can scent the aroma of more than 15 types of freshly baked leavened bread, kneaded by hand, and with love. The restaurants are situated at a couple of key locations in the city center and the bio shops offer everything necessary for a true organic fan.

#soSofia tip: The vegetarian food is so tasty, even the hardcore meat lovers will love it. 

39, 6 September Str. — Mon-Sun 08:30-22:00

18,William Gladstone Str.  — Mon-Sun 00:00-00:00


Checkpoint Charlie

Excellent restaurant with a high-quality Eastern European cuisine that will make your mouth water. You can listen to some nice jazz or explore the vintage but stylish dishes and accessories from the Bulgarian past, read some old newspapers or some of the many messages left by previous artistic visitors.

#soSofia tip: During the weekdays, they offer very good lunch menus on really reasonable prices. 

12, Ivan Vazov Str. — Mon-Sun 11:30 - 23:30


Before 10

It's a hidden treasure and one of the best gourmet places in town. Excellent cuisine and selection of Bulgarian rakia and wines.

#soSofia tip: The location is a bit hard to find, so it's better to have a local to take you there. Otherwise, try to follow the Google Maps directions.

1, Milko Bichev Str. — Mon-Sun 12:00 - 22:00



Excellent interior with a lot of light and space. A perfect place for meeting and conversations with a short selection of well prepared and beautifully plated dishes.

#soSofia tip: They also offer extraordinary desserts. 

52, Petar Parchevich Str. — Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00


Da Massimo

The Da Massimo Restaurant offers specialties from Umbria and Tuscany in a traditional, warm and welcoming atmosphere. The dishes are always prepared with fresh and quality products from all over Italy, and dishes in the menu are changed daily. During the summer season, you can also eat outdoors.

#soSofia tip: If you decide to make a reservation, ask for the thematic dinners. 

4, Asen Yordanov Blvd.  — Mon-Sun 00:00-00:00



Mimas is a notorious döner place in Sofia ever since the ‘90s. It works from 11 am till 2 am, so you can grab a quick lunch to go or satisfy that specific hangover hunger. The variety of food matches the vast variety of customers – you can have a construction worker, a teenager and a woman in high heels, all in the same queue. Do try the classic döner, the hummus and the spicy minced meat sandwich, called sudju. Also, there’s always fresh Tabouli (parsley) salad.

#soSofia tip: 

68, Vasil Levski Blvd. — Mon-Sun 11:00-02:00

47, Graf Ignatiev Str. — Mon-Sun 09:00-00:00