If you enjoy guided tours, we've got recommendations.


Free Sofia Tour

If you want to have a professional organized tour in Sofia, we recommend Sofia Free Tour. The free English-language walking tour of Bulgaria’s capital expects its guests every day at 10 AM (10:00), 11 AM (11:00) and 6 PM (18:00) at the corner of the Palace of Justice (Sadebna Palata). The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. The sightseeing tours of Sofia are organized by guides from the non-profit organization Association 365. Every tour is both fun and educational, the perfect introduction to the city and its thousands of years of history.

#soSofia tip: No reservation required, but for bigger groups (10+), it’s better to get in touch with them and they can also arrange a tailor-made private tour for you.


Communist Tour

The idea behind starting a 365: Communist Tour actually arose out of the experience of the guides doing the Free Sofia Tour. On many occasions the guests show a deeper interest in the topic and have asked about what it was like in Bulgaria during that period, wanting to learn more about the story.


Culture Tour

This tour will help you get to know the Bulgarian traditional clothes, dances, music, food and drinks, famous people, holidays and religion, language and alphabet, nowadays life and our symbol – the rose, in about 3 hours. The Culture Tour will make you feel Bulgaria through all your senses.

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Graffiti Tour

Sofia Graffiti Tour is a tour dedicated to street art culture in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The aim is to provide travellers  with the basic information about graffiti history, the development of graffiti in our town, to familiarize them with prominent names of the local graffiti scene.