At first we focused on one major task — #soSofia needed a distinctive expression.

We looked at what surrounded us and the answer was more than obvious. The traces of not one or two eras created paradise and hell for both the people who call the letters typography and for those to whom they are just ads.

Much of the outdoor advertising signs were born in the early 1960s when besides fulfilling their primary function, they gave life and dynamics to the urban environment. Today they are a detail of the cultural layout of the city, which brings its uniqueness. Hand-crafted with original Bulgarian typefaces made for specific advertisements, these signs bring the attention of both the Sofians and the guests of the city. Despite many initiatives for and against their removal from the facades in recent years, we have decided to shoot those who have resisted the weather and conditions. Many of them are still in their places, lost their function, but not their charm, which contributes to the contrasting image of the city.

Through their digitization, we created a typographical identity inspired by the work of famous artists and architects who have built up these first examples of Bulgarian advertising design in the near past. We shot them and turned them into a language that is one of the symbols of our city.

Some of the letters in the inscriptions we shot are created for specific reasons. We respect unsuspecting street artists from the “Do not Park!” And “Garage” streams. Beyond these examples of hand typed letters with a specific purpose, we’ve got a wide range of serifs, sans serifs and artistic fonts.