Each city has its own character, language, signs and stories — the ones that shape its true look. Earlier this year, we talked about the real stories of the city with people on the streets. They are not necessarily popular and sometimes even anonymous, but have become emblems of the city or created the places that have become symbolic for it.

Discover the true stories of the city in a project we created in partnership with Ballantine’s.

Sofia in the Books

The story of the city by Plamen Bozhilov — a bookseller from Slaveikov Square.

People of Sofia

The story of the city by Vihren Georgiev — the founder of People of Sofia.

National Stories

The story of the city by Orpheus Orchestra — the street musicians in the National Theater garden.

A Tourist in Sofia

The story of the city through the eyes of Free Sofia Tour who often sees the city through the eyes of its guests.

Sofia from Below

The story of the shoemaker Lyudmil Kutev who owns a studio in the typical for our city “klekshop.”

Sofia at Night

The story of the city by Martin Mihaylov — the man behind the night symbols of Sofia, “Stroeja” and “Terminal 1.”

Sofia from Above

Stay True point of view from above.


See the story of the Bulgarian rock band Shturcite and their emotional connection with Sofia.

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