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#soSofia Launch

Launching is always a thought over subject. We decided start the project officially on the Day of Sofia, 17 of September 2015. We "attacked" the city streets with typographic posters with letters from the alphabet all around the downtown of the Bulgarian capital. We were offered to star as a cover of the lifestyle magazine of Capital (pictured below).

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Apart from the "street" launch and our Capital Light cover, as an open platform, we decided to ask the people of Sofia to help us out with our logo. We gave them the opportunity to assemble the word Sofia with letters from our identity on the landing page of our website. 

We did not see the logo as a single word mark, we saw it as a mechanism, so we've got 600+ variations of how it should look like and we started using it immediately on our merchandise, trying to use a different one each time.

Sofia Sofia