Serdica Ancient Cultural and Communicative Complex

This is one of the most unique places in Sofia, showcasing several layers of the city’s history. Here you can witness how the city was built vertically layer upon layer, in contrast to many other historic European cities, which have a clearly defined old and new part. Coming out of the Serdika metro station you can literally see how modern-day Sofia is standing on top of the ancient streets of the Thracian city Serdika. During the IV century, Serdika became the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ favourite city, as he famously declared “Serdika is my Rome!”.

The archeological remains here were uncovered during the construction of Sofia’s second metro line in 2010-2012. What you will see outside the metro station are the remains of luxurious villas with a roman sewerage system. Walking up the stairs towards the “Largo”, the doors of socialist and contemporary Sofia will open before you.

#soSofia tip: After you exit the metro at Serdika metro station, take a walk through the archeological remains here.