If you want to see the character and identity of Sofia through the modern eyes of Bulgarian designers and artists and get something original to remember it by, we have the perfect place for you – Gifted Sofia. Gifted is both a shop and a gallery and has been developing as a contemporary place for urban culture for years. Above all, Gifted is an alternative take on the gift shop in its traditional form. Established in 2017, it is home to local artists, collectives, and brands that work to establish the capital’s contemporary image.


In the words of its creator, architect Valery Gyurov, Gifted reflects Sofia’s authenticity because just as the city mixes many historical eras, architecture, and cultural layers, the store has many different offerings, ranging from original socialist symbols and objects to products by contemporary brands. Gifted’s aim is to offer and showcase the maximum colourfulness of the capital as it is in reality. The gallery’s exhibitions also aim in this direction, exhibiting contemporary works from many different urban subcultures.


Gifted offers the opportunity to take away a memento of our beautiful and colourful capital that is entirely locally produced. In the shop, you will find a variety of souvenirs, ranging from the most typical – postcards, magnets, badges, bags, and t-shirts, to a variety of games, textiles, cosmetics, books, as well as unique finds from the capital’s past that are in one-off pieces, such as old pottery, mugs, keyrings and old badges from Valerie’s personal collection.


In the gallery for almost a year now, the Gifted team also displays the SOCMUS collection, which preserves and presents Bulgarian graphic design in the form of posters from the 1944 -1989 era.


Close to Gifted is the other project of its creators in collaboration with Free Sofia Tour – the authentic socialist-era apartment, The Red Flat, which will transport you to a family’s home during the communist era. Visit it for an unexpected walk-through time and be ready to get chills from its authenticity and realism.


#soSofia tip: Visit the underground space, there’s always an exhibition there.

25, Ivan Denkoglu Str.