Hlebar means baker and bread is undoubtedly revered here. Wholemeal, rye, white, with olives, with seeds…

But let’s look at another highlight – the patties. The traditional Bulgarian breakfast, but served in different combinations – potatoes and porcini, lamb and bulgur, cabbage, spinach and cheese, and yes, there are also traditional choices with cheese and eggs. Crackers, sweet delights, baked goods are waiting for you warm and fresh in the window. You can also buy some of the flour with which they knead the bread. And even better, you can buy other organic products from local producers such as milk, cheese etc. Both locations of the bakery also have a daily lunch menu to have a bite on the spot.

#soSofia tip: Possibly the best scrambled eggs in the morning are right here.

27 Shishman Str. and 16, Oborishte Str.