What is the place where you can meet many of Sofia’s young and energetic people? The garden in front of the majestic building of the National Theatre is your must-visit location on the list of iconic city spots! The spirit of Sofia pours out on stilts around the fountain centrally located opposite the theatre, and the people who gather in the park around are colourful and open-minded. Find the bench reserved for the fun street musicians and enjoy them together with the cheerful sound of laughs and happy people. From prom or wedding photo sessions, swing or traditional folk dance gatherings to daily game tournaments such as chess, heck or belot and beer drinking contests are the preferred activities for the visitors of the park. And for the more jaded, the view from a bench overlooking the National Theatre is a real rest and delight. The place is one of the most viral spots to take photos and capture the moment on your social networks.


The National Theatre is Bulgaria’s iconic home of theatrical art, named after Bulgarian literary legend Ivan Vazov and over the years, has staged plays by cult writers and directors with some of Bulgaria’s best-loved actors. The park surrounding the theatre itself is filled with sculptures and art, and there are many iconic galleries nearby, such as the “Sofia City Art Gallery”, and the private “Struktura” and “Credo Bonum” galleries.


#soSofia tip: Here is the perfect place to grab an ice cream or a cold drink and enjoy it on a bench by the chilling fountain on a hot summer day.

5, Dyakon Ignatiy Str.