The International Park of the Children of the World or better known as “The Bells” was built in 1979 by Lyudmila Zhivkova in connection with Bulgaria’s hosting of the International Children’s Assembly “Banner of Peace”. 


In the centre of the park there is a 37 metres high concrete monument, consisting of 4 vertical pylons oriented according to the directions of the world. At the top there is a hollow sphere, symbol of the planet Earth, and inside there are 7 bells, one for each of the 7 continents. At the bottom, 18 other bells are located and together with the other 7, various musical pieces can be played.


More than 100 bells from different countries are surrounding the monument. Each one has the name of its origin country and the oldest dates back to the 11th century. The motto behind the initiative is “Unity, Creativity, Beauty” and the entire complex represents a unique cultural heritage, giving the opportunity to experience the world in a creative and musical way.


Besides the bells, which are the main attraction, the complex is situated in the skirts of Vitosha mountain in a beautiful park with rich flora. Dozens of plant species from the different countries that have sent children to the Peace Assembly are planted in the park. A true combination of culture, nature and history.


#soSofia tip: The park can be used as a picnic spot and has spaces devoted to family gatherings.