The heart of the city is teeming with a variety of bars that contribute in their own way to Sofia’s nightlife. For many years now, one bar has been a favourite of all locals and tourists, known by its almost historic name, the “Artist’s Aesthetic Education Club” or K.E.V.A. for short.


Wondering why the K.E.V.A. is such a popular place? The answer lies in the formula between a good location, a well-decorated space, great drinks, and a unique team of managers, bartenders, and various guest DJs. This tried and tested formula over the years creates an inimitable place in Sofia. The bar is “hidden” in a courtyard with its own style and resembles an urban garden in the summer, and in the winter, there are bars and tables on several levels, richly landscaped with many plants. The most characteristic thing about K.E.V.A, however, is undoubtedly the character of the staff – sincere and genuine iconic city personas. They communicate in an “urban” language close to the young and tolerate different, interesting, and niche events. K.E.V.A. looks for similar “qualities” in its clients – understanding, tolerance, attitude, and continuity toward innovation.


K.E.V.A.’s name is linked to the venue’s long history – it is located in the courtyard of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, and the students are an integral part of the venue’s bohemian appeal. Often, they use the halls for photos, videos, or rehearsals, bringing the place to life even more, and that’s why it never gets boring. The bar has its own mission – to encourage creative and outstanding individuals to partner in any endeavour to use the space. That’s why the most frequent visitors are artistic natures, free from prejudices, looking for new experiences, as well as classic admirers of the urban culture.


The interior is in ruin-bar style, and the place is left to live only according to the events for which it is used. In the beginning, the furniture was collected from various other venues, so the details found are unique in their own style, from vintage furniture to iconic drawings, posters, graffiti, and other interesting decorations on the walls. And as Ivan Stoichkov, the driving force behind the bar’s revival, says – K.E.V.A. is “still learning”, searching for meaning and experimenting, and every customer can leave a piece of their visit.


We’re sure you’re wondering why we haven’t yet told you what you can drink at K.E.V.A. We’ve left the essentials for last! If K.E.V.A were a drink, it would definitely be homemade lemonade with any kind of alcohol. Lemonades cover a large spectrum of flavours and there is a choice for everyone. Or, if you feel like drinking something else, the K.E.V.A team invites you to the back garden for a beer and the inside bars for a variety of cocktail experiences.


#soSofia tip: It’s entirely possible to have a weekday experience feeling like a weekend party there…