Lake Pancharevo – a wonderful option to spend time in nature, while enjoying the amazing view that this place offers. There are several route options you can take, but you won’t go wrong whichever one you choose.


Your first option is along the walking and cycling path from the wall of Lake Pancharevo to the village of Kokalyane. You take the long paved path so that the lake is on your right. The path is 4 km. long and circles the lake and its entire shore. Halfway along the route you will reach the Grandstands – built during socialism for a world rowing championship that was held in the lake. Many competitions used to be held there, and now you can use them for relaxation during the walk and enjoy the wonderful view that opens onto the lake. Some of Sofia’s most beautiful sunsets are also seen there.


For lovers of more mountainous routes, the road through the Lozen Mountain is a great option. Starting your route again from the wall of Pancharevo, turn left along the mountain path. You will have the opportunity to walk among the wooded parts of the Lozen Mountain, and there are several resting places along the way from which you can enjoy the view. Your final destination is the panoramic view, revealing all the beauty of Pancharevo lake and the surrounding area. There is a bench where you can take a break from the hike, and the photos on it are spectacular.