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Sofia’s Largo, officially known as “The Independence Square”, is the place in the very heart of Sofia where you will find yourself at the crossroads of the city’s several thousand years of history. On an area of about two hundred square metres you can see a remarkable turning of cultural, historical, religious, and ethnic layers, the unique combination of which makes Sofia a true #soEurope centre of civilizations and cultures. 


Turn 360 degrees, and you’ll see an Orthodox and Catholic church, a synagogue, and a mosque, as well as the Central Department Store with its monumental socialist architecture right next to the excavations of the ancient Roman fortress of Serdika. 


Remarkable buildings continue the landscape with the Council of Ministers and the building of the National Assembly, which was also the House of the Communist Party. On the other side stands the Presidency house and the magnificent building of the Ministry of Education and Science, together with the new statue of St. Sofia and the historic Church of “St. Nedelya”, near the crypt with the ancient Roman tomb, on top of which is erected the church of “St. Petka” from the 14th century. 


The site is a crossroads in so many aspects – combining religions and historical narratives through so many eras. Today, this place is also a literal crossroads and a major transportation hub connecting the city’s main boulevards. Today, this place is a major transportation hub connecting the city’s main boulevards and a symbol of democracy and the voice of the people, accommodating the largest civil protests over the past few decades.


#soSofia tip: The archeological findings below the Largo serve as an outdoor museum, take a walk.