Borisova Garden or also called “The Lungs of Sofia” is the largest park in the capital. Its name comes from the vast green area it occupies in the city.


The park is like a whole excursion among different plant species – oak, ash, sycamore, birch, black pine, spruce, sequoia, cedar and ginkgo biloba. The lily pond is an iconic part of the scenery and a favourite spot for the visitors. Look for the Japanese Corner with beautiful Japanese plants that have travelled all the way from Tokyo to Sofia. Today we have the opportunity to enjoy the company of 100 cherry trees and omiji – maple tree, Fuyo yu, Yamabuki – yellow Japanese rose, and Nishigiki.


And did we mention that there is also an Astronomical Observatory? That’s right, the park also offers a glimpse of cosmic vastness. If you choose to go during the day, you’ll attend a short lecture on the construction of the observatory and have the opportunity to explore it. Or if you choose an evening visit, with a clear forecast, you’ll observe celestial bodies.


There is no way not to mention the many monuments in the Borisova Garden to prominent Bulgarian citizens. A walk in nature, but also in history.


Speaking of prominent Bulgarian citizens, we would not miss to take you to the garden of Peter Dunov – an extremely energetic, sacred and peaceful place. Peter Dunov is the spiritual leader of Bulgaria, also called the Master. Words would not be enough to describe his influence, but we would use those of Prof. Albert Einstein “The whole world bows before me, I bow before Master Peter Dunov of Bulgaria”.


#soSofia tip: Apart from walking and picnicking, Borisova Garden is also suitable for running, cycling and rollerblading.

The main entrance is at the intersection between Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd. and Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.