If you are looking for a place for a walk, combining the historical heritage of Bulgaria with the beautiful nature, the park of the Military Academy is the perfect solution. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice the fence built from 1895 rifle barrels that the Bulgarian army used to fight on the battlefields in the wars of national unification.


The park was designed by the architect Friedrich Grünanger, who was responsible for architecturally notable public buildings and private homes in Sofia, such as the Spiritual Academy and the Synagogue. In the park you can see the lake in the shape of the letter “F” in honour of Knyaz Ferdinand I, and the building in the shape of the letter “E” for his wife, Princess Eleonora.


The building has 3 floors in neo – Romanesque style and the facade resembles an ancient fortress, with its arched windows and details in the shape of military ornaments. On the eastern wall above the entrance there is a clock, below which the borders of Bulgaria are depicted on a marble slab.


In the park there are also two emblematic monuments – to the Apostle of freedom Vasil Levski – Bulgarian national hero, and to Boris Draganov – military teacher and commander.


The park has free access for visitors and besides immersing yourself in the cultural and historical part of Sofia, you have the opportunity for a peaceful walk along the alleys. Over 150,000 saplings can be seen there – lindens, ash trees, horse chestnuts, poplars, plane trees, acacias, sycamores and more. Various outdoor events and concerts are also organised during the summer season.


#soSofia tip: A number of cultural events take place here, such as “Opera in the Park” or “Open Air Cinema”.

Borders Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd., Mizia Str. and Han Omurtag Str.