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Raketa Rakia Bar is actually a restaurant and has been a favourite spot for tourists and locals for over 10 years. There, you will taste the most delicious meatballs and kebabs, typical “snezhanka” and “shopska” salad, gypsy banitsa, and hundreds of types of rakia. And the really funny waiters are known for their clever jokes, big smiles, and bottles of rakia in their pockets. 


Raketa Rakia Bar is the most popular and trendy restaurant and bar with a nostalgic, socialist culture-inspired interior. The experience is a combination of uncompromisingly delicious food and the feeling of being in a museum of a bygone time. Only there can you touch a real grenade, eat next to Todor Zhivkov’s portrait, or see what TVs, vacuum cleaners, and irons looked like in the 1950s. 


The Bulgarian actor Ivan Ivanov said it best in the 1979 film “Everything is Love” – “I don’t know what happiness is, I know this: if a person wants something to happen again, then it was nice”. It is no coincidence that this phrase has become the slogan of Raketa Rakia bar. Everyone comes back, once tasted the taste of modern Sofia socialism.


#soSofia tip: Be sure to try the meatballs, Snezhanka salad and the marinated ribs.

17, Yanko Sakazov Blvd.