Russian Church St. Nikolay the Miracle-worker

You just can’t walk past this beaming church with gold-plated domes – the Russian Church St. Nikolay the Miracle-worker. The crypt houses the remains of Saint Archbishop Seraphim Sobolev, who was a hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church managing the Russian orthodox communities in Bulgaria between 1921 and 1950 and who was also considered a saint by many orthodox Christians. He was canonized in 2016. According to the belief, St. Seraphim can help people, who come here and write letters to him with genuine requests for help or with their wishes. Many people come here for that purpose. The church was built in the period between 1907 – 1914. It is easily distinguished by its five gold-plated domes. The entirely ceramic iconostasis is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and it is a copy of the one from the St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kiev.

#soSofia tip: Go down to the crypt, think of a wish and write it in a letter.

3, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.