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Even though the food here is vegan and vegetarian, it’s one of everyone’s favorite spots if they care about what exactly goes on their plate. We, for one, absolutely trust the people who create the food at Sun & Moon, so regardless of the season, you can often see us toasting our feet on the plaza outside the restaurant on the “Little 5 corners” crossroad. Sun & Moon has several locations in Sofia, so check which one is closest to you and don’t miss it, at least for the bread, which they knead in at least 15 varieties a day.

#soSofia tip: They have things “to go” – so even if you’re in a hurry you can always pass on an Emperor’s patty with Emperor’s rice, mushrooms and spinach, which will give you superpowers for at least a few hours.


39, 6-ti Septemvri Str.