Most old cities like Sofia have their own historic commercial centre, which has been a gathering point for trade and sales for centuries. It is usually a place with a colourful and authentic character and many shops, booths, stalls, pubs, covered and open markets. Sofia’s indoor market proudly bears the name Central Sofia Market Hall and is today better known simply as “Halite”. 


Over the years, this place has developed with its specific atmosphere and become the centre of various social and cultural phenomena. Since its construction, the neo-Renaissance building has been a centre for retail. In recent years it has become increasingly run down, but thanks to the new owner, a complete restoration of its historic appearance has begun. 


The fountain and central space in the centre of the space will be restored, giving it the feel of a small covered square. A panoramic staircase and glass elevator will provide access to the terrace to aid the visitor’s movement through the different layers of the building’s history. The underground floor will accommodate an interactive archaeology and history area where authentic remains of the ancient fortress of Serdika can be seen, and visitors can learn more about the history of the building itself, as well as the history of the city centre layered through different eras. 


The space will become a cultural centre for exhibitions and encounters with an intensive calendar of cultural, educational, and social events that will promote the history and culture of Sofia and the district. Of course, the main focus will remain the main function of the building – to offer a rich variety of delicious food, evoking the cultural heritage of the capital.


#sоSofia tip: Explore the stands with Bulgarian goods and taste delicacies from local producers.

25, Knyaginy Maria Luiza Blvd.