Barely 60m long, Little Tarnovo Street is huddled between the tall buildings surrounding it. It sure looks more like a staircase than a street, but it has kept a great amount of historical secrets over the years. The street now stands on artefacts and archeological discoveries dating back some 6000 years. According to archival photographs, there used to be a clock tower at the intersection of “Little Tarnovo” and “Moskovska” Streets in the 19th century, to the great annoyance of local watchmakers, who claimed that the tower disrupted their business. More recent city legends claim that Tsar Boris III loved taking his drink at the local Bar “Luna” here so much that he even did it in his house slippers. Likely not many of the pedestrians frequenting the street would guess that there is a door on it, leading to the cells of State Security, where the “enemies of the state” were “processed” before being sent off to work camps.

#sоSofia tip: This little street is one of the fastest shortcuts from the centre to the Old Jewish Quarter.