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Few capitals can name a big mountain to be practically a neighbourhood of the city, just 15 min. away from the centre. Vitosha mountain has been the strong back and lungs of Sofia since all times, offering skiing conditions in winter and unique sights, eco-trails, waterfalls and huts in a quiet, peaceful and extremely beautiful setting just a few kilometres away.


Starting with the Simeonovo – Aleko cable car, which is the longest cable car in Bulgaria – 6270 m., you will be able to enjoy the unique view on the way up. The journey takes about 20 minutes and your final destination is the Aleko hut, located at 1840 m. above sea level. Inside the hut you will find cosiness and enjoy the food and drinks. In the warm months Aleko is a perfect place to have a walk, a picnic and enjoy the sun, while in winter it becomes a ski slope for quick escapes during the weekend. 


From there you can take a trail to Cherni Vrah – one of the most climbed peaks in Bulgaria and the highest point of Vitosha Mountain at 2290 m. Reaching the top, you will be amazed by the beauty that will be revealed to you. From a bird’s eye view you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of Sofia and two of the largest mountains in Bulgaria – Stara Planina and Rila. Do we even need to mention the wonderful pictures that you can make?


And if you want to visit the most picturesque view of Sofia, you must go to Kopitoto. Here is located the TV tower Kopitoto, which serves Sofia and Sofia region, but it carries much more purposes for the Sofians. First of all, a lot of Sofia youngsters gather there. If you visit the location during the evening hours, you will have the opportunity to both enjoy the view of the illuminated Sofia at night and meet young people from Sofia who drive their cars there for the view, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company. Kopitoto is also associated with the most recognized Bulgarian mountaineer – Boyan Petrov (1973 – 2018), who climbed 10 peaks with a height of over 8000 m. The route from Belovodski Road to Kopitoto is dedicated to the memory of the mountaineer, because it was his everyday training track when he was preparing for upcoming climbs. So we challenge the braver of you who love mountaineering to make a trek along the “Boyan Petrov Trail”.


Vitosha can also offer a walk to the refreshing Boyana Falls – a moderate route in terms of exertion, but one that is worth every step. The path to the waterfall is extremely revealing with great views, entering the heart of the mountain.


The huts you can visit in the surrounding area are sure to captivate you with their cosy surroundings and exquisite scenery – among the most famous are Kamen Del, Edelweiss, Ophelia and Momina Skala, each of which offers a delicious barbecue or hot soup. Recent renovations created the new wave of modern huts, proposing coworking and homoffice conditions together with amazing views, concentrating tranquillity and tasty homemade food. September hut, The Composers and Balkanity are among the most visited. Before you go there, make sure to check for free spots and make a reservation as many work nomads prefer to replace the screensaver with a real beautiful snapshot of the mountain. 


We could tell you a lot more about our wonderful Vitosha region, but words could never replace the beauty and feeling you will experience when visiting each of the sights for yourself.