Introducing the extension of the South Park in Sofia – one boulevard away and you are in the so-called Dog Garden which is actually a huge and beautiful park. With a name like that, you can easily guess that the garden is a favorite place of the four-legged friends’ owners. When the weather is nice, one of their favorite things to do is to watch man’s best friend have fun. Many of the park’s visitors also spend time playing games – federball, frisbee and many others, or simply stretching out a hammock, a picnic blanket or a festive feast under the colourful shade of the trees.


In addition to being a huge dog meadow, the park also serves as a host for concerts and events like the A to Z Jazz Festival. It’s mostly held in early July, so if you’re in Sofia at that time, you have to experience the magical atmosphere that jazz music creates. And for fans of sports and more specifically football, we have very good news! There is a fan zone in the park that appears during major football championships. Keep an eye on them because the general mood is extremely energizing and mind-blowing.


For contemporary art lovers, we have two recommendations that are located in the same park. The first location is Toplocentrala, the perfect spot for making new acquaintances, viewing visual arts including theatre productions, photography, and deeply thoughtful paintings, as well as musical performances and science seminars. Guarantee a new experience and unforgettable memories, especially if you step up to the beautiful terrace bar. Our second suggestion is the Sofia Arsenal or better known as the Museum of Contemporary Art – be sure to check out the events on their website because they are always worth it.


The park also hosts the building of the Earth and Man National museum. You’ll find some real treasures there – over 20,000 exhibits of minerals, crystals, gems and mineral resources found on Earth are on display. Be sure to walk through the museum shop to purchase the stone that matches your zodiac sign for positive energy and attitude.


#soSofia tip: Even if you don’t have your own puppy, come here to enjoy the friendly pets of many different breeds.

75, Emil Berzinski Str.