Did you know that there are more than 260 bird species in Sofia? This makes us the richest bird capital in Europe. And did you know that you can see 65 of them in one place? South Park offers you this opportunity.


Immerse yourself in the picturesque nature in the world of the city’s winged inhabitants. The park offers a variety of enjoyable activities for children and adults like roller coasters, rickshaws, lakeside relaxation and wonderful walking paths. In addition, a bird watching route – as mentioned 65 species, of which 29 are protected and 2 are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. You will have the opportunity to walk along the paths in the park, learn about the different feathered species and even see them live in their natural habitat.


In addition, the South Park offers other interesting sights, such as the large sundial made of benches. Its name is “Queen’s Friendship Clock”- a symbol of the importance of friendships in our lives.


The park is modelled on English landscape style parks. There are four main parts which are covered with flowers in different geometric shapes. You can also see the Perlovska River that runs through the territory. Be sure to visit South Park, to combine the beauty of the urban environment with the tranquillity of nature.


#soSofia tip: The sports fans can enjoy table tennis competitions with friends here and the nature lovers have the opportunity to visit a special bird watching route in the garden.

Main entrance from Arsenalski Str. and Vitosha Blvd.