Sofia Stories
Learn the most curious stories about typical places in Sofia

Here we tell little-known stories about iconic Sofia places and symbols.
About those real #soSofia spots that undoubtedly hide their secrets and legends.

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The priceless crossroad of the “Little five”
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Learn the history of Sofia from the Street of Time
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Read #soSofia’s typography

NDK is #soSofia

Get to know the real #soSofia spots that undoubtedly hide the secrets and legends of the city.
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The New Heart of Culture
The most important events in the National Palace of Culture
Long live skateboarding
PAINT THIS – graffiti on NPC
The New Wave. Cravay!
The National Palace of Culture park
NDK Interior
What is architectural-artistic synthesis?
The opening of NPC
Facts and myths about the construction of NDK
The Big Idea
Before to be National Palace of Culture

Explore more symbols of Sofia

See what facts and urban legends are behind some of the most recognisable #soSofia symbols
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The Klekshops
The Yellow Pavement
The Lions of Sofia
Sofia’s Mineral Water
Sofia’s Banitsa

Learn about some of the most typical #soSofia places

Hear stories about some of Sofia's landmarks from our favourite Free Sofia Tour guides
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The Women’s Market
The Largo
Tourist in Sofia

Sofia's stories from the first person

See Sofia through the eyes of a few people who have become a symbol of the city.
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Sofia at Night
Sofia’s Soundtrack
Sofia from Below
Sofia from Above
Sofia on Book
Sofia Through the Eyes of a Norwegian Girl

The beginning of #soSofia

How an idea for magnets became a platform for the city's symbols.
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Celebrating Sofia Day 2017
What is #soSofia to you?
#soSofia Launch