Ancient Serdica (nowadays – Sofia) was born at this specific place because of the many of mineral springs. To this day, water springs are the city’s greatest treasure, as Sofia is one of the world’s richest capital cities in terms of volume of mineral water. On a relatively small territory there are eight of the world’s nine known types of mineral water, which run from thirty-one separate basins, with a total of seventy-five springs found in the area of Sofia. You can visit the most popular springs at the Centralna Banya, Knyazhevo and Gorna Banya and taste the water, which has low mineralization level, tolerable taste and possess healing properties for various diseases. Unfortunately, due to a variety of economic reasons, less than twenty per cent of Sofia’s mineral springs are being used, so we not only invite you, but urge you to taste and indulge yourself in Sofia’s mineral water. You can do that at the very heart of the city, at the former Central Bathhouse, which presently hosts the Museum of Sofia’s History. Cheers!


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