The “Largo” of Sofia or the space officially known as “Independence Square” is the place in the very heart of Sofia, where you will easily find yourself in the cross roads of the city’s several thousand-year history. Within about two-hundred square meters, you can see the entire layout of cultural, historical, religious and ethnic strata, the combination of which makes Sofia #soEurope. Look around and see a church, a synagogue, and a mosque; the central department store with its monumental socialist architecture, right next to the excavations of the ancient Roman fortress Serdica; the Council of Ministers and the building of the National Assembly, which used to be the Communist Party House; The Presidency and the majestic building of the Ministry of Education and Science; the new statue of Hagia Sophia and the historic St. Nedelya church on the other side, near the crypt with the ancient Roman tomb, on top of which the 14th century church of St. Petka was erected. The place is a crossing point on so many levels – it combines religions and historical storytelling; it is a major transport junction, linking the main boulevards of the city; and a symbol of democracy, serving as the place were civil protests take place and where the vox populi is proclaimed.


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