Being the symbol of Bulgaria, the lion is depicted on the national coat of arms and gives the name of our currency. Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of supreme and divine power, nobility, tranquility, prudence, and justice. During the Renaissance, the lion is the most popular Bulgarian symbol. Even the most beloved national hero, the Apostle of the liberation movement, was nicknamed Levski (of the lion). The lion is also a symbol of the authority of the state and the courage and invincibility of Bulgarian warriors, who fought “like lions” during the wars of the last two centuries. Despite the fact that lions are not typical for the fauna of the region, one can notice many statues of lions peeping from every corner of the city. You can find them guarding the Palace of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior, giving water to the thirsty behind the National Bank, reminding of the boldness of enlighteners, hanged by the Ottomans, or of the courage of the unknown warriors, who gave their lives for the country.


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