The Women’s Market is the largest open market in Sofia, and the only one of the old “tcharshii”, dating back from the times of Ottoman rule, that preserved its multifaceted appearance despite a series of historical transformations. In the past, the Women’s Market has had a number of names, most notably, the one of prominent socialist “Georgi Kirkov”. Living evidence of the dynamics and cultural diversity ever since its founding days, the market finds itself at one of the most interesting parts of the city in which all kinds of cultures and people live peacefully in understanding. At the market, you can find everything you can possibly imagine: from humus, olives, nuts and tahan from the Arab stalls, through fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, cheese and sausages from local producers, to traditional ceramics, carpets and textiles, clothes and souvenirs and all types of Chinese goods. You can also have a good deal at the second hand bazar in the close vicinity of the market.


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