#soWelcome to Sofiа
Welcome to Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria that is so young, so old, and so green at the same time.

Here, you will dive into the several thousand years of history of a city that has existed in these lands since the 1st century BC. Founded here for its mineral springs, our city unfolds in front of the majestic view of the Vitosha Mountain and today hosts over 1.2 million people.

Sofia is a mix of history, architecture, religion, and culture. So many colours, influences, and symbols merge into an eclectic style of an old city with a modern European spirit. Sofia is exciting, unexpected, young, and exotic because it has stood on the edge of civilisations, political systems, and continents for ages to become what today makes it so unique and #soSofia.


Dive into the old heart of Sofia and get to know the ancient civilizations that left their heritage visible until today. Look around and understand the phenomena of religious diversity and tolerance. Walk around the old streets and markets to reveal the secrets, local crafts, and products. Get to know the city’s development from a small oriental town to a modern European capital.


The young spirit of Sofia is known for the rich gathering and social culture of the locals. So many places to meet, hold hands, catch up, taste, play, dance, gossip, and make memories. Meet the cool urban people, try the best local dishes, and experience how the evening becomes a new day.


Each impressive aspect of the dynamic city life in Sofia is balanced by her heart of nature. The multiple parks will make you feel like you are on a weekend escape trip, and the diamond in the crown is Vitosha Mountain, where waterfalls, lakes, peaks, eco trails, huts, and lifts intertwine for a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Learn more about the most interesting symbols of Sofia to enjoy your stay in our city to the fullest!

#soWelcome to Sofiа
Welcome to Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria that is so young, so old, and so green at the same time.

The film “To Sofia, With Love” aims to increase the curiosity of future tourists to the city and is supported by Mastercard as part of the brand’s initiative to digitize the stories of Sofia and its people that have not been told around the world. It is a personal and documentary story of iconic and distinctive urban symbols of Sofia and a culmination of the #soWelcometoSofia project on the #soSofia platform, which explores 30 of the most characteristic symbols from antiquity, modernity and nature of Sofia and presents them to arriving tourists in a rough installation at Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport. The project was implemented with the support of the cultural heritage socialization program of the Sofia Municipality, Sofia Airport and Mastercard.

What makes Sofia so old?

The hundred years of history visible at the Largo and Serdika Roman Complex. The unique phenomena of four different religious temples just steps away from each other. Or the streets of the old Jewish quarter that lead to the Middle East secrets, local crafts, and products of the Women’s Market. Sofia has so many layers developing from a small oriental town to a modern European capital.

Young, wild and #soSofia!

The National Palace of Culture, where modern meets classic, Knyazheska Garden – the place of the young skaters, the National Theatre and City Garden, where music, games, and cheering sounds go until the morning. Meet the cool urban people in K.E.V.A, Raketa Rakia bar or bar Petak, and many more colourful restaurants, bars, and clubs where every evening becomes a new day.

Sofia is so green!

Green treasures are hidden everywhere — The South Park, Borisova Garden, Military Academy park and many more make you feel surrounded by nature while you are still in the city centre. Vrana Palace, Kambanite complex or the Botanical garden offer an exciting historical and natural expedition. Vitosha mountain awaits you with Boyana waterfall, Pancharevo lake, multiple eco trails, and sunny huts.

Take a glimpse and get to know each location in the section below.

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