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If you are a foodie, a networking professional, a wine connoisseur, or an arts enthusiast, you have a long list to fulfil. Try some of the most authentic places in the city where all the sophisticated local people go to enjoy life. In your personalised #soSofia route you will find culinary, social, cultural, artistic, shopping, urban and natural experiences, recommended by Mastercard®.

Restaurant Cosmos

For a premium culinary experience, remember the name “Cosmos” which means “space”, and it matches the feeling when you try the exquisite food with local bioproducts, the fine selection of wines, and fusion versions of the most authentic Bulgarian recipes. Don’t forget to leave some space for a dessert that can be combined with a specially designed cocktail that will further boost your senses.

Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova

Brunch culture in Sofia brings together people with good taste and good mood, just like the philosophy of the exquisite Ahora restaurant by chef Sevda Dimitrova, winner of Masterchef Bulgaria 2016. The restaurant proudly presents her author’s cuisine, combining different styles with focus on Bulgarian products and manufacturers. If you want to taste the spark of real magic, don’t miss that place.

Sense Rooftop Bar

Rooftop, view and delight – this is the entrance password for Sense Rooftop Bar Sofia. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, a unique spacious terrace and an endless feeling of sky and stars, combined with premium cocktails and a selection of wines. Sense is the perfect place for a memorable evening in the heart of the city.

The Largo of Sofia

Known also as “The Independence Square”,  Sofia’s Largo is the heart of the city, where you find yourself at the crossroads of several thousand years of history. Turn 360 degrees, and you’ll see an Orthodox and Catholic churches, a synagogue and a mosque, and the Central Department Store with its monumental socialist architecture, right next to the excavations of the ancient Roman fortress of Serdika.

Square 500

Sofia has not one, but two National Art Gallery buildings within walking distance – The Palace and Square 500. Square 500 is the newest and largest building, with 28 halls on four levels. The exhibition presents over 17,000 emblematic works of Bulgarian art from the mid-19th and 20th centuries, European art from the 15th – 20th centuries, and examples from Asia, Africa, and America.


Any memorable trip goes hand in hand with something unique to remember it by. Detailor is where you will find impressive accessories, jewellery, notebooks, lighting and more from world-famous names and avant-garde local designers. Welcome to the home of connoisseurs of quality product design.

Doctor’s Garden

We invite you to a walk in the centre of Sofia, combining the nature of the city with our cultural heritage and exceptionally delicious local cuisine. Start along Oborishte Street, where you can enjoy the wonderful flavors of restaurants, brunch places and wine gardens. Continue to the Doctor’s garden to mix up with the few real Sofia residents and understand where the name of the park comes from.

Vrana Palace

Park-museum Vrana will amuse you with a magnificent ensemble of 821 tree, shrub and grass species in an area of less than 100 ha. It was established by Tsar Ferdinand for the royal family as an out-of-town summer residence. Today, the park is open for visitors and in autumn is hosting the Sofia lights festival creating a magical visual reality in the park.

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